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More than just a source of energy, COETE Gas offers customized solutions according to your industry, ensuring optimal performance


Hotels and restaurants prefer the energy of gas for cooking, hot water, laundry and torches type approval equipment or decorative fireplaces.

In addition to being economical, cooking gas is indeed known for its flexibility and quality. Many applications such as furnaces, hot plates, pizza ovens, fryers, sauté pans, roasting pans or griddles and run on gas.


Other common uses of the GPL include:

  • The production of heat or steam in large quantities
  • Drying by spray booth
  • Washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning in industrial laundries
  • The paper and printing
  • The food (canning salaisonneries, industrial delicatessens, bakeries, biscuit factories, dairies, cheese, etc.)


  • Power generators
  • Firing pottery and ceramics
  • The roof waterproofing poses
  • The textile printing
  • Welding equipment


LPG is used for both:

  • The heating of barns (hatcheries, nurseries) for the disinfection of floors (hans, soils)
  • The thermal top killing potatoes or fruit drying (eg bananas).