COETE Gas is a company whose mission is to market and popularize the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by offering simple energy solutions, fast and efficient to individuals and companies throughout the whole of the DRC .

The company’s vision is a socio-economic and environmental significance. From the point of Socio-economically, the use of LPG is a development factor because it allows access to modern tools, and environmental point of view access to LPG contributes to the protection of forests and limit deforestation mass caused by intensive use of charcoal (Makala).

Innovator and pioneer in its sector, COETE Gas puts its logistic and expertise to the Congolese people by ensuring offer quality products.

All our products, materials and production tools are certified and meet international standards.

COETE Gas goes to the Congolese people the service to offer him the best by improving everyday life.


Popularize the use of gas.

Eliminate the use of coal.

Provide cleaner energy, cost effective and less harmful to health.






Ending deforestation.

Protect the environment.

Modernize the country.