At COETE Gas , your safety is our priority!
We guarantee quality in your gas installation, so it is with confidence that you use our products and accessories.
Security checks are carried out by a professional team.

And for added security, we’re providing our customers with information and preventive measures to be observed in the use of gas to enjoy its benefits.

Preventive measures

  • Always keep your gas bottles, out of reach of children;
  • Never blow on the flame to extinguish;
  • Always ensure that the controller of your gas bottle is tightly closed after each cooking;
  • When cooking outdoors, avoid drafts at risk of shutting down your flame;
  • Always place your gas cylinders below a table at least 30 cm from your stove or gas stove;
  • Always ask your gas cylinders in an upright position (standing);
  • Always place your gas cylinders in a ventilated area and never put them near a source of heat above 50 ° C;
  • Never use a flammable object to detect a gas leak;
  • Always check your installation by a licensed gas technician COETE;
  • Never loosen the connection pipe without using a licensed gas technician COETE
  • Never use an insecticide spray or deodorant house near your gas tank or your stove or gas range.

Gas leak

1. How to detect a gas leak

  • With a foul smell present in the room
  • By a test with soapy water: Use a foaming product (dishwashing liquid with water, for example) and apply it by means of a sponge or a cloth on all junctions the bottle. If you see bubbles, you have found the place where is located the leak in the gas cylinder.

2. What to do in case of gas leak

  • Turn off your gas stove and disconnect your gas cylinder. Do not touch any electrical device, phone or switch. Remove the gas bottle outside to ventilate the room, and then open your windows.
  • Move away the perimeter of the gas leak and immediately contact our customer service at +243 897452999


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